From the director

The Institute of Public Law and Political Science (IDPSP) brings together research professors from both public law and political science. The IDPSP encourages interdisciplinarity, and seeks to facilitate a research and exchange environment in which everyone can flourish, from young doctoral students to established researchers.
Faculté de droit et de science politique de l'Université de Rennes 1

Research spheres

The laboratory is divided into four spheres of research: municipal policy, urban planning and environmental policy; human rights and fundamental liberties; health and liability law; and evolution of the state and theories of democracy. These reflect our commitment to an interdisciplinary approach to the major issues of public law and political science. Each researcher has the possibility conducting research in one or more of these spheres.

Colloquiums and conferences

The IDPSP has held important research conferences, including recent symposia on topics as varied as "genocide", "political parties and constitutional order", "methods in administrative law" and "the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea". It also regularly hosts annual conferences of academic societies (French Association of Administrative Law, French Society for International Law, French Association of Health Law ...). Numerous conferences have also been organized.

Opening to the international sphere

The IDPSP is in the process of opening up internationally. We have established links with several foreign universities, including in Lebanon, the United States, Spain, and the Ivory Coast. We regularly receive both professors and doctoral students from different countries.

Youth research

The IDPSP is proud to have many doctoral students among its members, which is a very valuable resource for the laboratory. We therefore seek to provide them with optimal material conditions to write their theses in all serenity, including a dedicated workspace and documentation center.

Opening to the professional world

Outside the academic world, the IDPSP has developed many links with practitioners (judges, lawyers, doctors ...) who are invited to take part in the laboratory's activities.

Guillaume LE FLOCH
Professor of Public Law
Director of the Institute of Public Law and Political Science (EA 4640)
Deputy Secretary General of the French Society for International Law (SFDI)

Translation by Mark McNaught